The Most Complete, In-Depth System On How To LEGALLY Raise PROJECT FINANCE Whether it’s N 100M or N100 Billion or More WITHOUT EVER WORRYING ABOUT PAYING BACK the CASH…

The business lending market has changed – make sure you’re calling the shots

In the past, it was hard for a business to borrow money. Banks called all the shots. You had to complete lots of documents to prove your worthiness. And even then there were no guarantees. Other lenders emerged on the market, but they often hid behind unreasonable terms and conditions. And they hid the real cost of borrowing behind extra fees.

But things have changed. Unsecured business loans from lending specialists mean you can get quick, easy access to capital to help you grow. So you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

... Get All The Money You Need To Expand Or Start Any Business Or Execute Any Idea, Project/Contract/Opportunity/Deal In 7 - 40 days or less Using the INSTANT FINANCE SYSTEM Regardless of the amount... ...N100M, N100 Billion, or $500,000 or $500m!

In addition you can also easily get a GUARANTEED USA limited liability company, USA Bank Account; EIN/ Social Security Number(SSN), USA Green Card/Citizenship... WITHOUT ANY EXTRA EFFORT OR COST TO YOU……

Credit has dried up and the traditional means to get funding through banks is nearly impossible.  The banks will only give you money if you have that money or more as collateral.  It seems that only those with money can get it.

We’re here to turn the tables and provide you


7 Experts in alternative means of raising assets: Thomas, Viktor, Lewis, Craig, Alyson, Chamberlain and Bryan are here to show you how you can raise BIG MONEY in unconventional ways.  It’s time to get your project funded and with our experience and the countless deals we’ve closed, we’re here to help.


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Plus many more………..

♦ Sources of reliable business funding even without collateral security 

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New “Mega-Trends” (as they Happen)

♦ The Hottest Investment/Business to make you RICH (As they become available)

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Dear Business Owner,  

  1. Are you in need of money or investment capital to start a new business, or to expand your current business?
  2. Do you need money to execute your project/contract or to finance other people’s projects?
  3. Would you like to get the money you need in 7 -21 days or less (not weeks or months)?  
  4. Gain more space or a second site
    Your business may have outgrown your original site, shop or office. Maybe your current location works well but it’s time to expand into a second or third site.
  5. Improve your credit record
    If you borrow once and borrow well this can open the door for larger loans in the future. It can improve your credit rating if you’ve proven you can pay off a loan – even a small one. Maybe in a few years you might want borrow a lot more. It may be harder to secure without a good repayment record.
  6. Get new or specialist equipment or inventory
    Nearly every business needs new equipment, stock or gear at some point. Sometimes the only way to increase productivity or profitability is with newer, more efficient technology. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a services business, the equipment you use today will almost certainly be different in a few years.
  7. Take advantage of an opportunity where the benefits outweigh the costs
    Sometimes a new opportunity comes along that surprises you. A new market opens up, a new business relationship forms or a new discovery means you have to move fast. When opportunity knocks a loan can help you make the most of it.
  8. Hire new or better staff
    Most business owners agree that their people are their greatest asset. And it’s hard to find and retain good employees. Don’t lose your best people because you can’t afford to keep them. That could be a very big investment walking out the door!
  9. Cashflow
    Sometimes it’s not a lack of profit, but cashflow that tips small businesses over. If a lack of cash could put you out of business, use a loan to cover the shortfall.

If you answered yes to the above questions, then, this is going to be the most important report you ever read. You need to print out and read through this report now not later.  


Whether your need for capital, is to recapitalize your organization, to bring a new idea to life or start a new business, to expand your current business, to execute any project/contract/venture, to finance other people’s ventures, to acquire a going business with little or none of your money, the solution you need to meet any of these challenges in 7 days or less is contained in the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM. 

Do You Need Investors To Buy Out Your Business Or Property In 7-21 Days?

Regardless of whether you have a $50,000 business, $500,000 franchise, or $500m Property...

Whether you want investors that ‘d invest as partners in your business or if you are in a position where, you ‘d rather prefer to attract investors that can buy your business or property, instead of just investing or becoming your partner, this INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM is what you need, to cash out on your business or property in as little as 7-21 days. 


Entrepreneur’s and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere are plagued with this same problem – lack of capital, to get their ideas to the market place, to execute critically important business projects, or to finance its growth after it gets there. 

It’s sad to know and see many great ideas not executed or many more that meet their untimely death and worse still, to see many once-thriving-businesses going under every day, because of lack of capital to implement them and to keep them alive respectively.

This is The Ultimate Solution to the  #1 Problem/Challenge Of Most Businesses & Aspiring Business Owners

The #1 problem/challenge of most businesses is the problem of Lack of capital/under capitalization as you already know.

The idea/plan in this INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM, if applied, will enable you to eliminate your number one problem, forever—-LACK OF OR INADEQUATE CAPITAL.

That is why you must get the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM today, because, it is the ultimate solution for raising all the funds you need through investors in 7 days or less without borrowing or going to banks/financial institutions.

…Without Borrowing, Without begging, Without Debt, Without Collateral Security, Without Interest rates, Without Loan from Bank/Financial Institutions, without credit check, Without Risk…


Through this system, you would be able to: ​

  1. Raise any amount of money you need (whether the amount is $10,000 ,$100,000, or $100million) in 7 days or less
  2. Attract a flood of investors within One week.
  3. Make thousands of cash-rich investors Line up within one week and practically beg you To Take their Money To Finance any idea, opportunity, plan, project, contract, or deal you have, in 7 days or less! 100% GUARANTEED!
  4. Eliminate your number one problem, forever—-LACK OF OR INADEQUATE CAPITAL
  5. Raise money without borrowing, without collateral security, without taking loans from banks/financial institutions, without risk
  6. plus you can get the money you need without talking to or meeting face to face with anybody, without lifting your finger, and without even leaving your house or office…..

Advantages of Using the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM over Any Other Means of Financing

No need to ever go to banks/financial institutions for loans/financing AGAIN!
No need to ever go into debt that may give you unnecessary pressures or sleepless nights
No collateral security is required for the money you get
No interest payment is required on the money you get
No cash flow statement of your existing business is required on the money you get
No limit to the amount of money you can get using the plan in this System
Bad credit is not a limitation to your ability to get what you want using this system
No need to ever go out looking for investors again, because hundreds of investors ‘d be calling and almost begging you to allow them invest their money in your project or business
No risk is involved on your part
No fixed repayment term is required with respect to the money you get using the plan in this System. It’s essentially money you don’t have to ever pay backfrom your personal account!



If you are in need of financing or investment capital to start a business, or to bring a new idea to life, then you need to get the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM today, to enable you get the money you need in 7-21 days or less;


If you are in need of financing or capital to recapitalize your organization, to reorganize or restructure a business, to expand a business , to execute any project/contract/venture, or to finance other people’s ventures, then you need to get the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM today, to enable you get the money you need in 7-21 days or less;


If you are interested in acquiring a going business with little or no money – as a first business or as a means of expanding or diversifying an existing business, then you need to get the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM today, to enable you get the money you need in 7-21 days or less;



If you have given up on “conventional sources” of financing, like taking loans from banks and other financial institutions, or have bad credit that no bank wants to touch with 1000m pole, then you need to get the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM today, to enable you get the money you need in 7-21 days or less;



If you want an absolutely guaranteed, already proven, infallibly effective, and a 100%-result-certain SOURCE of financing, then you need to get the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM today, to enable you get the money you need in 7 days or less;

It's a proven and practicable plan that can put the money you need in your bank account in the next 7-21 days or less, if you just take the wise step to order for this system NOW


…NO Borrowing, NO Collateral Security, NO Interest rates, No credit check, NO taking of Loan from Bank/Financial Institutions, No Risk, No Theories, Nothing ‘Normal’ is required At All, to get the money you need for your business or project in 7-21 days or less.

However, the money you need (whether the amount is $10,000 or $100million) would come from cash-rich investors within 7-21 days of using the system, that you probably have never met before in your entire life.

The good thing about using the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM is that you will be able to attract these investors that would bring in the money you need within 24-48 hours. 

Acting immediately, the money you need would be in your account in 7-21 days or less, from the moment you meet with the investors attracted following our system.

The INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM does not only show you exactly what you should do to attract the investors within 7-21 days, but also gives you the tools to use, the exact words you should use in talking to potential investors that would be calling you within hours to show interest in your business or project, and even samples of the kinds of agreement you could use in various situations.


The INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM is the fastest, easiest, safest and the most powerful known way to raise any amount of money you need through investors to expand/start/execute any business/project in 7-21 days or less. The INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM is packaged in a manual


"As simple as the idea in this package is, I was able to raise $2million business expansion fund within 7-21 days using it. The idea is profoundly simple. But the result you get from it is simply profound.

Stanley Chigozie

"I lost all my businesses and assets worth over $1million almost overnight…. And was literally destitute for over 3 years. But in less than 24 hours of using the INSTANT BUSINESS FINANCE SYSTEM idea, I was able to raise the little capital I needed to relaunch my business. I am on my feet and back to business again. Needles to say, the idea in this package can work financial miracles for any body, any where in the world."

Benneth Sunday

"Finding a couple of investors and many promising contacts in a week was a breeze. I would recommend this to aspiring business persons, people looking for expansion capital and investors as well. A GREAT product."

Bryan Adekunle Oluseyi,
Co-Founder CFM Enterprises, Inc.

"Being able to locate funding sources from around the world at the click of a mouse is a tremendous advantage when seeking funds for a client. Whether you are seeking funding for your own company or for a client this system is a must. A+++ "

Robert Nonye,
Paradigm Capital

"It has saved our company an inordinate amount of time to get to the capital we need."

Tim Rodgers,
Arete Power

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Access to top providers for: “Proof Of Funds
For your reference, we’ve listed their services in the section below:

List of Proof of Funds Services:

  • Collateral Enhancement 
  • Proof of Funds (Cash Account) 
  • Stand-by Letters of Credit (SBLC)
  • Verification of Deposit (VOD)
  • Bank Comfort Letters (BCL)
  • International Bank Guarantees (BG)
  • Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC)

Details for Proof of Funds Services:

  • Terms from 30 days to 12 months, discounts for longer term usage
  • Access to all paperwork in less than 24 hours after confirmation
  • No Credit Check or Financial Statements Required
  • Standard bank Verification of Deposit provided for all accounts
  • Bank accounts opened and confirmed in writing by bank officers
  • SWIFT MT799, MT760, MT720, and MT999 confirmation options available
  • Corporate envelope SWIFT MT798 and MT710 services available
  • All Brokers are paid for referrals, and never cut out of the deal!

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A rare and Secret resource on how to ;

Solve all your Business and Financial Problems In 7 Days or Less.
  • (1) Get Business finance to start or expand ur Business/Project in one week 
  • (2) Sell off your products, services, Assets, and Properties in 7 days or less
  • (3) Advertise your business in Newspapers, Radio, TV, Billboards, Internet… WITHOUT SPENDING CASH. 
  • (4) Pay Off every Debt you owe in 7 Days 
  • (5) Import and Export Products WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
  • (6) Convert your space, time, expertise, knowledge, excess stocks to INSTANT CASH
  • (7) Acquire any type of Asset, Property, Product, Serivce or Franchise WITHOUT SPENDING CASH 
  • (8) Get Marketing, Finance, Accounting, ICT, Administrative, Insurance, Legal service or whatever Business or Professional services you currently utilize WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
  • (9) Receive INSTANT Business line of credit up to 10 million Naira WITHOUT COLLATERAL to boost your business TODAY.
  • (10) Access over 740 Million customers WITHOUT SPENDING CASH on marketing expenses
  • (11) Increase your Business Revenue and Profit By 1,000% to 10,000% in 60 days, with no risk, no extra expense on your part.
  • (12) Start, Grow or Expand any Business WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
  • (13) Reduce Business and personal expenses by up to 90% without reducing expenditure items
  • (14) Create multiple streams of income WITHOUT SPENDING CASH
  • (15) Get up to 90% discount on all your purchases to reduce expenses
  • (16) Learn How you can generate or save at least $250,000 in 7 days, using the Trade Exchange Leverage ……………….100% GUARANTEED!
  • (17) Retire Early, Retire RICH…….
  • …….And much more Benefits!!! ….100% GUARANTEED



You heard me right; I can’t say it much louder!  I will give you my top providers that I rely on for:

BGs, SBLCs, POFs, TEAR SHEETS, SWIFT messages, Top PPM Writing Firm, Legitimate high yield investments

The reason I’m doing this is 4 Fold:

  1. I have been successful in life and I would like to share it.  Hoarding anything doesn’t do anyone but myself good and if we can help many firms/people from my action of giving my sources, why not?
  2. Sharing knowledge is one of the most gratifying things you can do.  If you have something that works, why not share it.  Even if you all did the best job in the world raising money, there would still be trillions more for us all to go after.
  3. With the course you get HOW to do things and WHAT to do.  But you need the sources at one point or another to execute portions of the process.  I’m here to give you a complete picture.
  4. I can do whatever I want with what is mine

I don’t think I need to list a value here for you to see that this is incredible. 


You can already see that this is by far the MOST COMPLETE BUSINESS FINANCE/PROJECT FUNDING SYSTEM ever created!  PERIOD!

But to really take it over the top, I’m placing a 30 day money back guarantee on the course.  If you’re not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of purchase, I’ll refund your money with no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, you don’t.  But that’s why we have a 30 day money back guarantee so that you can see for yourself and not have to worry about it.  We feel very confident about this material because we’ve done it and this is the process that we followed. I assure you that you will get a lot out of it just for the sheer reason that you will have 5 experts speaking to you directly about actionable advice to get you raising money for your projects in completely different but valid ways.

Yes.  But you MUST have a registered business.

Losing everything is expensive.  Wasting time is expensive.  Not getting funding and losing your project is expensive.  There are many things that are expensive but getting over $ 215,000 worth of direct experience for our low price offer which ends TOMORROW is CHEAP.  If you can’t see the value of what we’re giving you here as A COMPLETE PACKAGE that is the product of more than 50 years of combined project funding experience from experts who have closed several deals, then I don’t know how to help you.

This is a rare a unique business finance/project funding method, so chances are that you have NO KNOWLEDGE about this strategy before now. As someone committed to mastery, learning never stops.  You may know a lot but we never know it all.  In this case, you get to tap into 50 years of hard earned experience ONLY from people who have successfully closed deals.  We’ve spent 100s of thousands on mistakes, education, legal fees etc. 

This kind of experience can save you a lot of time and trouble especially when we’ve seen a great number of deals and in them, what worked and what didn’t.

No you won’t.  This system will be yanked off completely tomorrow. And is ONLY available at this low price till July 15th 2018.  Given the fact that we still have businesses to run and clients to care for, it’s too much work for us to consider doing this again anytime soon (all the content over the past 2 months has added up to close to 150 hours of work).  Get it now while we have it: I’m not sure we’ll be doing this again.


The price of this system is  399,950. But the first four persons to order in the next 24 hours, will get a WHOOPING  discount

Hence, your only investment to get the SIMPLIFIED PROJECT FUNDING COURSE will be 35,500 ONLY IF you are among the 1st four persons to order in the next 24 hours. Not even your current condition, money shortage or low budget can STOP YOU from getting ALL the funding you need for your Business

New Price After Today 75,500

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After next week, the new price will become  the normal price of  399,950

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Pay just N35,500 to get this SIMPLIFIED PROJECT FUNDING COURSE package TODAY!

And you are guaranteed to start getting ALL the funding you need for your Business/Project/Deal…


If this secret resource doesn’t live up to it’s title and advertised benefits, don’t take pity on us! Send it back and ask for your money back. It’s fully guaranteed. Why should you take chances? Your investment must not be in vain, be totally and 100% selfish. Let us pay back and suffer if we don’t deliver!

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Only four (4) slots available with the bonuses


  • Price would be increased after today
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Order Your Subscription Package Now!

After making your payment, send a confirmation email to info@projectfundingcoach.com with the Subject: ‘Payment Made’. Please include the following details in your email:

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After sending your notification email to us, your payment will be confirmed. And you will receive your package within the same 24 hours.

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To get your package delivered to you instantly, call 08126236493. send an email to info@projectfundingcoach.com

I hope you take advantage of this offer and that you can appreciate how incredible this opportunity truly is. The offered price of N35,500 is RIDICULOUSLY low given the caliber and track records of the experts here to teach you ALONG with mypersonal sources. I am however grateful for having the chance to provide you something that I would have died for when I started or even just a few years ago. Finding reliable, tested information is extremely difficult in an industry run by lawyers and high priced service providers. This is our attempt at leveling the playing field and giving back to the community something it really needs and deserves. Be Safe, Never Give Up, and we look forward to serving you with the best we have to offer!


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